Undertaking in home design in Hervey Bay is an exciting and fun period of your life. Here at Colin J Clark Essentially Residential we specialise in designing and building peoples dream homes, that are custom built to your specifications and tastes. When you start to think about building your own home however, there are many things to take into consideration so that you can be sure you have it just as you want it. So, what do you need to take into account when you are designing your brand new dream home for you and your family?

Your Location

Getting the right block of land is the first step in home design in Hervey Bay. Without it you cannot judge the size and orientation of your new home, but not all plots are the same. You need to make sure that you find a piece of land in a location that you love, whether that be with fantastic views or near the beach. If there are multiple blocks available in the same location do not think that they are all the same. They may have different orientations, views and sizes so it is imperative that you look at them all before you make your final decision.

Design For Your Style

We all prefer different styles of home, so for yours to be your dream home it must incorporate what you love. Some will opt for a minimalistic modern home, while others prefer a classic stone home. Do you want an ecological home that uses the best from nature and uses solar power and more? The style does not just stop with the frontal exterior of your home. The roofing has to be taken into consideration as do garden, swimming pool and decking areas for entertaining as they are likely to be areas where you spend a lot of time.

Interior Design And Technology

The interior is arguably more important than your exterior as this is where you will live and create memories, do you want rooms filled with natural light and kept cool by quiet and inconspicuous ducted air conditioning? Think of the colours and the layout that works for you, as well as the number of guest rooms and bathrooms that you will require. With technology moving at a fast pace, even if you go for a traditional interior look, it can still be filled with the latest technological innovations to make your life easier. Do you want smart electrics where everything from the air con, blinds, lights and TV are run from the same handheld tablet, with surround sound speakers discreetly hidden from view. All these areas are much easier to add to the design before your home is built instead of trying to add them in at a later date.

Dreams become Reality

Once you know in the main what it is you want from your home design in Hervey Bay, our team here at Colin J Clark Essentially Residential will flawlessly put it all together in design and in build. It is so easy to take your first steps to your dream home, all you have to do is contact us on (07) 4124 3577 and let the designing commence. Check out our previous post for more about the process:
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